Monday, August 4, 2008

IPA - International Phalaenopsis Alliance

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the International Phalaenopsis Alliance (IPA), Norman’s Orchids was one of the original Founding Members of this 18-year old international organization solely devoted to promoting education about - and the sharing of information relating to - Phalaenopsis orchids. The IPA keeps the membership up to date with the latest information on culture, conservation and new breeding trends through their color-filled quarterly magazine, “Phalaenopsis”, through more casual regional get-togethers and at their annual three-day Symposium, which has been held at various locations around the US, in Taiwan, and which is due to take place in England next year.

Looking ahead, Norman’s Orchids is planning to host an IPA Regional Meeting next spring in conjunction with our April Open House. As more details become available regarding speakers and dates, we will keep you advised. It’s a relaxed day long get-together which allows for round table discussions, culture workshops and presentations on the newest directions in breeding. Even experienced growers comment that they always learn something new as a result of participating in one of these meetings. We welcome all – IPA members and non-members alike – to share in this very special day solely devoted to achieving the best from your Phalaenopsis orchids.