Friday, September 5, 2008

Water Heads comparison

Water Breaker Nozzles: So What?

Water breakers are essential for "non-destructive" watering -- they prevent damage to a plant’s flowers and leaves from a water stream that is too powerful . Different water breakers have different uses. The flow pattern, hole density, and surface area of a nozzle determines its correct application. Both models in the photo regulate the water flow so that delicate foliage is not damaged and the potting medium is not disturbed. They are constructed from stainless steel and plastic -- made to last for many growing seasons.

Our Ultra Fine Water Breaker is used for smaller orchids. It has a much finer flow pattern, higher hole density as well as smaller holes, and a more concentrated area of effect. The outcome of all these elements is that you get a concentrated soft spray that minimizes damage and waste. This makes it perfect for those small potted orchids and don’t have to worry about tipping over the pot or damaging the flowers. Our growers typically use this head for pot sizes of two to four inches.

The Low Pressure Soft Rain Orchid Water Breaker is, as you can plainly see, larger. Its flow pattern is coarser compared to the one above. The lower hole density as well as larger holes and a larger area of effect makes it ideal for larger plants. The end result is it provides complete coverage of the root system while maintaining a high flow rate. As a general rule of thumb, this head is used on pots that are five inches or larger.